Good Day in the Studio- Exploring Equus

Had a very productive day within the studio (a solid 8 hours work today), looking at how I can connect narrative with different coloured threads, focusing on Equus. I have been using the text of Equus to explore the relationship of Dystart and Alan and how Dystart becomes envious of Alan’s passion and faith within his own beliefs, Alan sees this and begins to unravel him leading him astray from the societal norm.

I have used the red threads for every time Alan speaks and Black thread for when Dystart speaks. The number of threads was determined by how many times the character spoke on that page. It then connected to the same number of pages. For example if Dystart spoke 5 times on one page, then 5 black threads would connect to 5 separate pages where Dystart had also spoken.

I found this piece…difficult. I couldn’t engage with the material in the instinctive way that i like to work, it felt to rigid. Also I did not find the work engaging it was just two types of threads criss crossing in a space. This was nothing new  or visually interesting. But the characters and the text I still find engaging. I just need to explore how to show this in a different way.



The idea of a character with an unravelling mind, whether they unravel it themselves or others around them unravel it. I’m thinking about exploring this further by literally unravelling fabrics and exploring how characters interact with each other through unravelling threads, entwining them , and experimenting with colour and texture.



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