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Performance- Is it part of my work?

Performance. When ever someone mention performance art. We instantly have this idea of a strange person, doing strange things that, frankly, most people have difficulty understanding. Or is it much more simpler then that? Is an artist doing what they normal do in the studio in itself a performance? When I make a a sculpture in the studio and I record myself is that a performance? 

A large part of my work last year was recording myself making the work. Now originally this was purely a way of documenting my work and how many hours I had put into them. To me the videos (featured on my youtube channel) are a thought process; I like to look back and see what decisions I was making and why. But I have never considered showing them together side by side or the film by itself without the piece being present .  So I’ve started using film as a material, how does my work change if I take the same subject matter and try to get my point across on a different medium.

Below is a video from this experiment I’m currently going through, with hopefully more videos to come.





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