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Essay writing and drawing -This week in the studio –

This week has been a busy within the studio, as you can see from the below picture essay writing and sketchbook work have been colliding this week. Causing my desk to become an absolute mess. Lesson learned you must always keep the two separate. Drawing in the studio, writing stays at home.


But I have had an interesting breakthrough in my work, I was working one thread piece where I was wrapping a hoop on thread but it wouldn’t stay on. The thread feel onto my empty sketchbook and made this fantastic, intricate black line ‘drawing’ onto the page. As a result of this, I went to the photocopier and scanned it and I haven’t stop for the past week.

 I have started “drawing” directly onto the photocopier glass. Using black and red threads and then I began printing onto plastic. I have found this amazingly interesting and I’m excited to try and show a relationship between the red and black threads through just the line of the thread (storyboard type drawings are the next step I think). But I’m also really interested within the display aspects of this, the layering of the plastic giving the images a great depth to them. 

Another thing thats interesting is the display aspect of this work. Hanging from my textile pieces or hanging in front of my larger drawing. How these two objects could interact with each other and change the elements of each item. This could push my work in a new direction.

I always know when I’m on to something within my studio work. When I obsess over it and repeat it with as many different variations as I can think of.   Finally a new process that has me excited!


Stay tuned to see how it develops!!









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