7 Things That Motivate Me

There are always days when you need that extra push of motivation to get you to the studio and get you mind in the right place to work and get those creative juices flowing. Here’s a list of 10 things that motivate me. 1. COFFEE!! I know its sad and cliche that a student need… Read More 7 Things That Motivate Me

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Russian Jewish wedding…

Today we were challenged with making a selection of Russian Jewish wedding food (from the 1900s) for a scene in “Fiddler on the Roof” where the actors have to throw at each other. This meant that I got to use a new material called flex-foam – this is two chemicals that when they are poured… Read More Russian Jewish wedding…


Empty chairs at Empty tables…….

Due to the third year BA’s upcoming degree show, we have had to clear our studios out for five weeks. Which Is very strange to know that I won’t have a place to solely work on my sculptures, but its even weirder to see a place that has been full with fabric, wood, paper, paint… Read More Empty chairs at Empty tables…….


Second week with the theatre

A shorter day at the theatre today due to a couple of lectures at uni this week, but interesting as always. Today the task at hand was twenty milk bottles that needed to look like they had milk in them for the kids in Forty Years On to pretend to drink. This involved diluting paint,… Read More Second week with the theatre

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Playing with Ink

Hi Everyone,  Two weeks ago I gave myself a challenge to fill one whole sketchbook just with ink drawings! It did n’t matter how long each one took me it could be anything from 10 seconds onwards and I’m glad to say that this week I completed the sketchbook! I started this to get me… Read More Playing with Ink


First Day of Theatre Residency

Today was my first day at Chichester Festival theatre as their Emerging Artist in Residence, which was very exciting. In contrast to the other times I had visited, everyone was busy making sets, props and setting up the stage for the theatre’s production of 40 Years On.  I was introduced to the props team and was… Read More First Day of Theatre Residency


Three Months at the Theatre

Quick note to say, I have been selected to be the Artist in Residency at the Chichester festival theatre for 3 months! I’m very excited for this opportunity to be working with the Prop department of the theatre. Click here  to see the theatres article about me, I will be posting updates on here on how… Read More Three Months at the Theatre