7 Things That Motivate Me

There are always days when you need that extra push of motivation to get you to the studio and get you mind in the right place to work and get those creative juices flowing. Here’s a list of 10 things that motivate me.

1. COFFEE!! I know its sad and cliche that a student need coffee to function but sadly its true. Sometimes you just need that extra caffeine kick to get your brain going or a lovely chai tea latte to make you feel nice a relaxed to tackle the day ahead. 

2. Audiobooks/Podcasts I love listening to these in the studio, theres something about being surrounded by this endless chatter of conversations that lets you drone out the background noise of the studio and lets you focus entirely on the piece at hand. Instead of being pulled into a conversation with every person that walks by.

3.Watching artist talking about art There are times when I feel lost and I don’t really know what I’m doing and this is an overwhelming feeling. But when I sit down and I watch videos of my favourite artists talking about their practice and how they work its a comforting feeling that I’m not all lost. I highly recommend the Tate’s Youtube channel  for an array of videos from artists, curators, critics and even celebrities. I’ve put a persoanl favourite of mine below.

4. A Playlist  a god strong playlist that you purely listen to for the studio is a must have, or if your music taste changes on a daily basis maybe have one or two to change it up a little. I personally have one thats full of Punk rock and classical rock nice loud music to drown everything out, another that is just movie and musical soundtracks for the lighter days, and finely another just filled with decades of pop music from when a sing a long is a must have that day.

5.Keep a schedule and kick procrastination butt This is a bit hypocritical of me to say as I do have a schedule but its a bit tricky and likes to morph and change when I’m not looking. But have even a slight idea of what tasks should be done on what day can seriously help you and It will stop you from sitting in the studio staring into space trying to think of something to do. This can be as simple as writing a to do list on a sticky note (I swear and live by sticky notes, I carry a pack where ever I go).

6.Do something different/Learn something new try to shake things up every now and again. We’ve all had days were your normal stye is not cooperating with you that day, so grab a colour your drawn to but use something other than a brush to apply it. If your a sculpture do some painting, if you paint use some clay. Don’t allow yourself to be comfortable with your process. if you don’t push yourself then you cant push your work either.

7.Talk with others about your work theres something kind of magical about talking about your own work or the work of others. Suddenly all that was internal thought is now trying to be expressed outwardly. Suddenly your having to try and think about your work in a completely different way just by talking about it out loud. This has helped me more then a few times to try and understand exactly what it was that I was trying to accomplish within my work.

Thats it for know. I mean this list is very short, This is me not going into the small fundamental things that keep my creativity burning.

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