I am currently studying at the University of Chichester for a Masters degree within Fine art. My main practice is with textile using it in a very sculptural way. I am interested in the way that textiles can interact with a space and in turn with a viewer. But I also explore my subject and ideas through ink drawing and mark making.

I love exploring and experimenting with textiles; seeing how I can change and push the material to find different ways of using it. In the studio, at the moment, I am exploring the idea of the relationship of narration and how it can become physically real within a space. Using textiles. This is what I wish to explore in more depth on this residency; working with other artists who are exploring this subject in a completely different and more illustrative way then me. I wish to push the boundaries of my material and my own ideas and I think by working in a new environment which is unlike anything I have worked in before could help me push my work to a new level.

I am presently working toward my end of year degree show. I am also working with Chichester Festival Theatre on a 3 month residency.